An estimated 79 percent of Americans age 65 and older live in car-dependent neighborhoods, and 88 percent of those do not plan to move.

Neighbors driving neighbors is a solution to the transportation challenges our seniors and people with disabilities face.

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The senior transportation predicament is growing more urgent with the arrival of the Silver Tsunami, a demographic monster wave that will swell the 65-and-older population to a projected 74 million in 2030 from 46 million in 2015. 

The average American man outlives his ability to drive by six years; the average American woman, by 10 years.  

Transportation is an essential part of the community infrastructure that individuals need to gain access to the goods, services, and social contacts that support their day-to-day existence and quality of life.

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Ride Connect Texas is a life changing opportunity for senior adults and people with disabilities, who have limited or no driving

abilities, to stay connected to the community

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